(keitai-l) Re: ClassFormatError

From: Serge Besnard <serge.besnard_at_laposte.net>
Date: 01/19/06
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

It is the second time you come to my help, thanks.

No I don't use floats ou doubles, but I have detected that the problem 
probably comes from an external library from Tinyline : GZIPInputStream. 
The library is stated as compatible Doja, so it should work... anyway, 
it preverifies, and runs on the emulator...
Tinyline includes a preverified zip of their class. So far I unzipped 
the file in the jar archive, maybe that is the problem. I will try today 
including the zip file as is in the jar. How would you include a library 
yourself ? Do you copy the directories to your "classes" dir and 
preverify them together with your own classes ?

I have looked at your script as well. I will try it as is today.

Thanks again,

Claus Hoefele a écrit :
> Some time ago, I posted my command line script to this list, see
> http://www.appelsiini.net/keitai-l/archives/2004-08/0012.html. I can't
> immediately spot a difference, but maybe it helps. I usually create my
> applications with the UI tools of the emulator rather than directly on
> the command line though.
> Do you use floats/doubles in your class? Not allowed because DoJa 1.5
> OE uses CLDC 1.0.
> CU,
> Claus
> On 1/19/06, Serge Besnard <serge.besnard@laposte.net> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have made an i-appli for DOJA 1.5oe which works fine on the NTT
>> emulator. When I download it on a LG342i, the program exits after trying
>> to open a simple class extending Object, with ClassFormatError.
>> Before crashing, the JVM has had time to create the IApplication, create
>> and display a JPanel, so I am baffled. I do not use obfuscation.
>> I compile with the command line, with the following commands :
>> E:\jdk1.3.1_17\bin\javac.exe @args.txt @classes.txt
>> with args.txt :
>> -g:none
>> -bootclasspath E:\JAVA\iDK\lib\doja_classes.zip;E:\JAVA\iDK\lib\classes.zip
>> -d E:\JAVA\iDK\apps\KD\classes
>> -target 1.1
>> -sourcepath E:\JAVA\iDK\apps\KD\src
>> and classes file containing my IApplication java file.
>> then :
>> E:\JAVA\iDK\bin\preverify.exe -cldc -classpath
>> E:\JAVA\iDK\lib\classes.zip;E:\JAVA\iDK\lib\doja_classes.zip -d
>> E:\JAVA\iDK\apps\KD\preverified E:\JAVA\iDK\apps\KD\classes
>> *********************
>> Is there a size limit to a class ?
>> My java classes belong to different packages, is that a problem ?
>> Thanks for your help
>> Serge
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