(keitai-l) QR codes

From: Adam Holtrop <adam.holtrop_at_worldmobilestudios.com>
Date: 04/18/06
Message-ID: <C06A7CD1.7D7E%[email protected]>
I'm trying to understand QR codes a little better.
In Europe they have barely made an impact but I think this is about to
A company is already trying to address this with a new product called
'shotcodes' - www.shotcodes.com

I would like to focus on the original qr codes and see what can be done
Could anyone tell me of a downloadable QRcode reader?
I have a feeling each network operator in japan is embedding their own
reader in their handsets?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.

Received on Tue Apr 18 12:24:59 2006