(keitai-l) Re: Lengthy review of the WS003SH

From: Arnold P. Siboro <asiboro_at_maltech.jp>
Date: 07/24/06
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On Sat, 22 Jul 2006 18:57:26 +0900
"Shannon Jacobs" <shanen@gmx.co.uk> wrote:
> I'll probably make a special trip to see this tomorrow. I think you are
> describing a special USB cable that does nothing but feed the 5V power from
> a USB port to the round connector the 003 uses. Or perhaps two USB
> connectors with one mini-USB and one round connector to stay within the USB
> spec. That's what I was trying to describe. Standard mini-USB cables will
> only work for data, but I know that those cables were fine for charging my
> previous phone while also supporting data. (I forgot to mention that the
> manual also specifies that USB charging is not supported, but again, I'm
> pretty sure that was in reference to a normal mini-USB cable.)

The included data cable does not charge, and that's what the manual says
about. You need a special cable that can be bought at traditional stores
or at Willcom online store.

> Related note on power. Has anyone else seen the machine get into a weird
> status where it starts draining the battery very quickly? I couldn't figure
> out what was going on, but rebooting seemed to take care of it. (I don't
> know the proper reboot procedure, but I just pull the battery.)

Proper rebooting procedure is by taking off the back cover and pressing
the reboot button using the stylus. But this is too cumbersome, so get
reboot utility to do this via software. I am using psShutXP (http://ppcsoft.narod.ru/english/).

> > I believe it is free for W-ZERO3 users and is much better than Pocket
> > IE.
> Do you have any source for this? I've asked both WillCom and Opera people.
> The WillCom people said it wasn't recommended, and the Opera people said
> nothing.

As I said, as far as I am concerned Opera Mobile is not free.
But you can get the Java-based Opera Mini for the zero3 for free here:

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