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From: Gerhard Fasol <fasol_at_eurotechnology.com>
Date: 05/13/04
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Another aspect of MMS is that telecom-minded carriers
are setting complex distance and political boarder
related roaming charges which do not really make sense
in todays internet world and have nothing to do with
the actual cost of such communications.

 > Try sending a deco mail to a vodafone 801 series handset - no va amigo.

That has nothing to do with technology.

It's the same thing as you can open Windows
files on an Apple/Macintosh computer, but you
cannot usually open Macintosh files on a Windows

There is nothing preventing Voadone allowing
DoCoMo formats to be opened on Vodafone phones.

All this has much more to do with marketing
and competition than anything technical.

In the end it's markets that decide.


dc wrote:
> By MMS, I dont mean generic "mult-tai-meedi-yuh mail", but more the W3C
> spec, which is using SMIL to wrap elements like PNG/SVG and synchronize
> them to time - so you can do slideshows basically, but a whole lot more
> over time than just sending a single image.

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