(keitai-l) Re: J-Phone and DDI business models

From: Renfield Kuroda <Renfield.Kuroda_at_msdw.com>
Date: 06/22/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Dave wrote:

> I was wondering if maybe this concept could be expanded upon. How closely do
> the J-Phone and DDI business models now resemble DoCoMo's? What are the key
> differences?

Key difference is J-Phone's and DDI's lack of contents to the extent that DoCoMo
has. Also poorly developed transaction settlement system when compared to

> Also, here's where I'm going to fess up to some ignorance, and look for
> someone to clarify things for me.
> DoCoMo offers I-Mode, using cHTML
> J-Phone offers J-Sky Net(?), using WAP

No, MML.

> IDO offers CDMAsomethingorother, using WAP?
> DDI offers ?, using WAP?
> Tuka offers ?, using WAP?

IDO/DDI/Tuka offer HDML services.

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