(keitai-l) Re: [java based phones]

From: Jonathan Shore <jshore_at_e-shuppan.com>
Date: 12/19/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
> This situation seems to roughly parallel one of the issues that first
> arose with Java as a server-side web language: how to get applets
> to look snazzy in any browser.  The most honest assessment at the
> time was that applets were unlikely to ever match handcrafted
> application GUIs.

Let the truth be told - java sucks as a GUI / front-end platform.

As much as I like and use java, most applications & games would be better
written and displayed with an embedded swf player (flash 5).  Flash 5 now:

   * uses a javascript-like language
     Ok not as nice as java, but flexible enough

   * concise visual layout / description
     read small footprint & fast downloads.  Nothing java can do here

   * many designers who can build in this medium
     Who wants to hand code animations, anti-aliasing, scaling, rendering,

The downside is:

   * slightly less flexibility & uglier code (potentially)

As you know a number of manufacturers (such as nokia) are starting to
produce phones with embedded swf players.  This is where the future lies

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